Our Pricing

LearnerSpace Registration

For Membership to LearnerSpace

Annual $65 per learner

Annual registration fee to join LearnerSpace is $65 per learner per academic year. This covers technical, operational, and administrative expenses and includes access to our communications platforms and ability to join the WorkspaceCT facility.

~ optional ~

WorkspaceCT Membership

For Registration and Membership to the WorkspaceCT Facility

Note: LearnerSpace is not affiliated with WorkspaceCT. Membership to WorkspaceCT is a separate agreement between the family and facility.

While LearnerSpace does have activities outside of the WorkspaceCT facility, many of our opportunities take place within the building. To have use of the facility, registration to both LearnerSpace and WorkspaceCT Membership for LearnerSpace are required.

For Membership to LearnerSpace


LearnerSpace has access to the WorkspaceCT facility and equipment Monday-Friday, 11am-5pm.

Members of LearnerSpace have use of the facility’s specialty rooms and common areas. Family cubicles are available for an additional fee. 

For more details about the space, contact us or click Learn More below to view the space on the WorkspaceCT website.