Frequently Asked Questions

LearnerSpace is a supportive community of homeschooling families. Our community functions as a flexible open sandbox model where members work together to create learning and social opportunities. We respect each individual learner’s journey. Members find collaborative opportunities where these individual learner journeys intersect and use those instances to create exciting and unique learning and social experiences. All offerings are member driven and member created. Beyond collaborating, many members share skills, donate time, share resources, and mentor utilizing the resources available at the state of the art WorkspaceCT facility.

LearnerSpace is not a school, and is not accredited. We are a homeschool community which is solely facilitated by the efforts of the families who participate in it. We are not a traditional co-op in that, as an entity, LearnerSpace does not employ teachers, make classes, require grades, attendance, or set schedules. LearnerSpace is a flexible open sandbox model where you can create learning and social opportunities with other members for your learners. 

No. Please remember, as homeschoolers each family is legally responsible for their own child(ren)’s education. For more details on the legal responsibility of homeschooling in Connecticut,  we recommend visiting the Connecticut Homeschool Network website at

For other states, please address your state’s laws concerning homeschooling.

Yes. Per WorkspaceCT Member Agreement, parents/guardians must be onsite with their child(ren). Parents/guardians are responsible for their child(ren)’s safety and actions. Parents/guardians are also an integral part of the functioning of the community. We are all creating opportunities together.

LearnerSpace, as an entity, does not offer classes. Learning and social opportunities are created by our community members, collaborating together to follow their own child(ren)’s shared needs and interests. 

As a learning village, opportunities are member driven and member created. They can include any age.

Yes! We encourage all adults to engage with, and facilitate, learning and social opportunities for the learners of the community. It takes a village.

No, we do not have teachers on staff. Outside educators can be brought in by a member(s) to facilitate a specific learning opportunity they have organized at the organizing member(s) expense. All outside educators must pass a background check to teach at the WorkspaceCT facility.

Any member can collaborate with another member. While parents/guardians collaborate we also encourage learners to collaborate and be involved in collaborations. Learners advocating for their interests and educational goals can be a positive and empowering experience.

We are a flexible community, and are ever evolving. Our community demographics are always changing as are the offerings. Offerings are member driven and member created, and are based on their needs at that time.

We are a non-faith based group. 

Our community is eclectic, inclusive, and based on treating one another with respect.

LearnerSpace is the community of homeschooling families, collaborating to create learning and social opportunities for our children. WorkspaceCT is the facility where we operate, gather, and use the amazing resources for our learning opportunities. 

LearnerSpace functions within the WorkspaceCT facility. In order to participate in person with the LearnerSpace community, membership to both LearnerSpace and WorkspaceCT is required.

The quick answer is no. Children age 0-3 are not actual members of LearnerSpace, however they are welcome if accompanied by a parent/guardian.